Grind - Coffee Brewed Simply Now Available


What a journey. We remember a year ago John mentioned, "I want to build an app and I have a great idea on where to start."  Now here we are.

Grind is exactly what you'd hope for when making coffee: a companion. It's all about making sure the steps that go into making a great cup are presented to you, so you can enjoy the process without the stress. 

For us it's always been about the user. The foundation of the app is essentially outlined as a tool, one that's been built to keep you on a straightforward path when those groggy mornings are at their full capacity. The real math went into allowing you to customize your brew, and to save time Grind will remember your last brew preference.

From a design perspective Grind takes on the 'simple' aesthetic with outlined graphics and fun icons. We wanted Grind to feel good in any environment and stay easily readable at a quick glance. This was especially helpful when working with Apple Watch. As we explore (and drink) more brew options, this family will continue to expand!

We are SUPER excited to get this into your hands so go on, get this puppy on your iPhone and Apple Watch and take on coffee in a whole new way.